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Articial Intelligence

I cannot say that I offer any services relating to artificial intelligence, but it is one of my interests. I have read many books on artificial intelligence and machine learning. It has really stretched me as a programmer since I have had to learn a lot of advanced math and statistics to understand the many algorithms used in deep learning. In particular, I have mastered Python and R. I have completed seven courses on Kaggle, but I mostly use that web site to run code in the cloud.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is often used an alternative name for Deep Learning, but I consider Deep Learning to mean neural networks are being used. Machine Learning can often involve nothing more than advanced statistics. The best book I have read on Machine Learning is Practical Machine Learning In R by Fred Nwanganga and Mike Chapple. I have the entire contents of this book in my notes and managed to run all the code even when I ran into minor technical problems. I like this book because it was written by two teachers who know how to teach the subject. They explain what the case studies are meant to demonstrate without getting too deep into the math. They also only covered a resonable number of methods instead of over-whelming you with techniques the way other books do.

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