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I have created a French cheat sheet as part of my effort to learn French. The web is a global business community.

As I have now completed several major contracts, I am now actively seeking new clients and freelance web development work.

Please review the terms of my web development contract. My hourly rate is now $25.00 an hour and you must pay a quarter of the quote before work can begin. I have to make these changes to prevent theft of services.
Sample Applications
You can try a few sample web applications that I have running on this web site. These are ASP.NET pages that use the YouTube API to provide a few simple services for YouTube fanatics.

AJAX Demostrations
I love to create simple client-side AJAX applications which I compile into my Help Collection for Microsoft Document Explorer. I keep an extensive collection of notes in the Microsoft Help 2.0 format.
ASP.NET Web Development
Most of my web application development work is in ASP.NET. I program in both C# and VB.NET. Some of my more innovative ASP.NET work involves web services.

PHP Web Development
PHP Web Development
I do a lot of work customizing open source web applications written in PHP. I am currently maintaining a corporate web site built on Drupal and I am studying Symfony.

Storefront 6.0 Customization
I used to do a lot of work customizing the LaGarde Storefront 6.0 shopping cart which uses ASP.NET 1.1. Storefront has been sold to another company which is notorious for providing poor support to businesses which are still using their e-commerce software. Contact me if you need a programmer to fix a problem with Storefront or need some minor improvements.

WordPress Themes
I've been using WordPress for my blog for a long time. I like to change the theme often so I've learned how to create custom WordPress themes using the plain text Sandbox theme as a base. My current theme uses a photo I took in Paris. Notice the little menu under the header. That is not part of a typical WordPress theme. I added that myself.